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Swimming Pools are Fun and Healthy

and a great long term investment for your home and family.

Modern Technology has come a long way toward making pool ownership more simple and less expensive than it used to be. Energy saving pumps have cut energy usage by nearly  two thirds from what it was just a few years ago. Self generating sanitizer systems (salt pools) have significantly reduced the cost of on going maintenance. Couple just these two items plus the knowledge we will impart to you during and after the construction process, and you will find pool ownership to be a real pleasure, and will also leave you plenty of time to pursue your other recreational interests.

Concrete Pool Construction

The Concrete Pool Shell

Piping, Tile, and Decking

Deck and Pool Surfacing

      The Pool Shell is the basic structural component of your pool. We use steel reinforced concrete and an application process known as "Gunite". Gunite is a tried and true method of concrete construction for swimming pools. Our research and testing has shown that Gunite is far superior to any other method used in our industry. The application company we use for this proceedure is the single largest Gunite application company in the southern United States. Their thoroughly trained crews do over two thousand Gunite applications a year and they back their work with a fully transferable Life Time Warranty.


      After the installation of your Gunite pool shell, one of our experienced crews will then install the under ground piping that is essential for the care and functionality of your pool. They will then pressure test all the pipes at pressures your pipes will never experience again to insure many years of uninterupted service.



     Next comes the installation of the ceramic pool tile you will have chosen from our huge tile selection designed to fit the tastes of most everyone.



     At this point your pool is beginning to take shape. Our crews will then come in and frame up for the size and shape of the decking you requested and prepare to install the decking.


   American Pool Builders Inc. offers several different types of decking materials and surfaces. Our standard decking is concrete textured with an acrylic knock down material stained to a color of your choice. This makes for a highly durable decking surface that will give you many years of service.

We also offer Pavers in a variety of colors and styles as well as Stamped concrete and brick tile.



      Near the end of constuction, just before your pool is filled with water, we will coat the inside of your pool with a tough, durable and water-tight material known as "Exposed Aggregate Quartz" which is our Standard finish. It comes in a variety of colors of your choosing to match the overall color selections you chose for your decking and tile.



As an upgrade option, we offer stone and pebble pool surfacing from our good friends at Pebble Tec®. Although there are less expensive brands available, only Pebble Tec®. has the unique quality and stone selections that make some of the most beautiful pool surfaces available. They are also the only ones who back their product with a Life Time Warranty.

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